North Hills Food Cupboard

communitycupboard“I tell you this: anything you did for one of my brothers here, however humble, you did for me.” Matt. 25 v. 40



It has been a very busy time at the North Hills Community Cupboard. From the start of the Covid 19 lockdown in early March until mid-July we saw a significant increase in clients coming to the cupboard for food. During that time we were averaging 26 clients (approximately 100 people) a week coming for food. The first two months of the year we were averaging 17 clients a week coming for food.

A clients weekly order consists of thirty five pounds of dried and canned goods, baked goods, frozen meat and produce. Once a month clients receive milk, eggs, pancake mix and syrup, peanut butter and jelly and toilet paper and soap.

Since the Covid 19 lockdown many clients have been struggling to make ends meet. We have helped two clients pay their PECO bill, one client pay her Comcast bill (for the children to use the Internet for school), the purchase of a state ID, $500 car repair, a replacement stove that caught on fire which cost $700, purchase of jeans and $1000 towards mortgage arrears. We helped obtain eight beds through Beds for Kids (2 for NH client and 6 for MNDCC clients). All of these extra resources have been possible because of the generosity of JUMC donors and MNDCC donors.

We have been doing our best to keep all the volunteers and clients safe by wearing masks and operating the cupboard outside when the weather permits. Clients are not allowed in the building and we have suspended the need for the clients signature on weekly paperwork. We have also been limiting the number of volunteers to the minimum.

Thank you to all who contribute to this mission-those who donate food items, monetary donations, our wonderful Jesus Victory Garden gardeners and cupboard volunteers. Please continue to provide your support and prays. You all make this mission possible.

North Hills Community Cupboard Volunteer Team

Area food pantries answer coronavirus need while dealing with food, volunteer shortages (click here for newspaper article)

The cupboard continues to be in need for donations of cereal and juice. If you could donate some of these items, feel free to leave on the bench outside the church office. Also monetary donations are welcomed so they can give families fresh produce in the months when the Jesus Victory Garden is not producing and to buy fruit in the summer months.

In July 2014, JUMC took over the operation of the North Hills Food Cupboard (NHFC). The food cupboard is a satellite service of The Mattie Dixon Food Cupboard of Ambler. Each week the clients receive canned and nonperishable food items, as well as bread and pastries. During the growing season the clients enjoy fresh produce from the JUMC Jesus Victory Garden.

Each fall at JUMC there is a special Thanksgiving canned food drive to to provide the clients with items for Thanksgiving dinner, with the turkeys being provided by Ambler Food Cupboard. We were also able to provide Christmas turkey dinners to our clients.

Volunteers help at the cupboard on Tuesdays (for deliveries) and Thursdays for food distribution.

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