Caring for Friends

In addition to the meals which we and other churches and agencies were preparing, the needs of struggling families became a front and center focus of the operation. Currently, their volunteers are packing boxes of non-perishable foods and supplies to many more people in the area. They are using their own trucks and those of volunteer agencies and churches to deliver those much-needed supplies to shelters and food banks. They have reorganized their warehouse to stock those supplies and each time I have delivered our meals the whole place is buzzing! There used to be two or three cars and trucks in the parking lot picking up and delivering and now I’m one of up to ten cars and six trucks in the lot. It’s very gratifying to know that we’re still an important part of the mission.
Since the Covid outbreak it’s been difficult to have groups in our kitchen preparing and packing our meals, but we’ve gotten together in smaller teams of two or three to continue and I’m happy to report that we’ve delivered over three hundred meals this summer.  Please don’t think that we’ve suspended our efforts in this mission — you can still prepare your meals at home and deliver them to the Fellowship Hall kitchen.  I’ll make sure they get to where they’re needed.  Donations of money will likewise be gladly accepted and used.  Thank you for keeping us going.. If this ministry is of interest to you and you’d like more information, please feel free to contact the church office.

Caring for Friends (previously known as Aid For Friends) is one of the largest and most established home delivered meals program in Pennsylvania, serving 400,000 free dinner meals, 58,000 soups and 42,000 breakfast bags to an aggregate 2,200 home-bound persons each year. They also provide nearly 100,000 hours of friendly visiting annually. They have served more than 15,500,000 meals to 14,500 individual homebound persons over the past 40 years.