Small Groups

It can be challenging out there in the world as you try to faithfully follow Jesus. There are lots of things in daily life that will test your patience, and your will, and your faith. Before long, the stresses and strains of everyday living can leave you feeling frustrated, and tired, and weak.

But we’ve found that the old saying holds true: in unity, there is strength. That’s why it’s such an energizing and joy-filled experience to take part in one of our Small Groups. On a regular basis, these groups get together for an evening of camaraderie and Bible study. You’ll have fun, make new friends, and be encouraged. And the cares of the day will just melt away.

We have several groups that meet at various times and places, so it will be pretty easy to find a group that will work for you. Just call the church office, or tell Pastor Bob that you are interested in joining one of the Small Groups, and they will be delighted to get you plugged into the right group for you.