Sunday School

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been following Jesus for many years, or you’re just starting to consider following Him. Either way, what He has waiting for you is an abundant life that’s filled with joy and adventure.

How do you tap into that? Generally, God’s not going to just drop it in your lap. He wants you to DO something. But what?

Actually, there are several important things, but a great way to get started is to begin attending our Adult Sunday School class. Forget about the Sunday School experience you may have had as a kid…this is for adults.

So, it’s meaty, and stimulating, and very relevant, and it wakes up your brain and your spirit. You’ll make new friends, and have fun, and feel good about yourself.

And it’s convenient, too. Whichever of our Sunday morning worship services you attend, there’s an Adult Sunday School class that will work for you. Class is at 9:30 am and is one hour in length. Just tell Pastor Bob that you’re interested, and he’ll be delighted to get you situated in the class.