Care Team – Meal Coordination

Trying to support a friend or family member while they are going through a major life transition can be a very helpless feeling. When someone from our church family is hospitalized, dealing with a loss or suffering a long term illness, it gives us as a church a chance to show people they matter to us.

We don’t always know what to do, what to say, or how to act. Are we being supportive enough? Are we too much ‘in their business’? I haven’t heard from her in a while…does that mean she wants me to leave her alone?

This church “care team” will be a list of people who would like to help by taking a meal or two as needed. We will be using the website “Take Them a Meal” ( to organize who is taking a meal and what the need is.

If you are interested in helping, give Jean Graber ( your email address. As a need arises, an email will go out to the group with a link to “Take Them A Meal”.  When you click the link “the name”, address and any special needs as well as suggested dates to sign up will open. You can sign up for a date that works for you.  The person receiving the meal can also see when a meal is coming.