Family Promise – Interfaith Housing Alliance

Family Promise (formerly Interfaith) – The 30 Day Challenge!

Charitable organizations like Family Promise continue to struggle to meet community needs due to the lingering effects of the coronavirus, and the economy. There are currently over 150 homeless families with children in eastern Montgomery County. Inter-Faith Housing Alliance’s mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community faith-based response.

This begins our 30th year of participating in the Interfaith mission. In 2020 due to the pandemic, we reimagined the workings of the mission but continued to assist the families for actually 2 months. Nancy Bennett and I have referred to our month(s) as the 30-day challenge in the past and now we have the “New and Exciting 30 Day Challenge!” In the past, during various months, JUMC has become the home for up to three homeless families in the Interfaith Housing Alliance from our community.

We are so excited to report that we are taking over December this year. What a great month to share with these families. I will be asking for donations of Christmas items as we get closer. In addition to putting up a Christmas tree our thought is to let the kids make the decorations for the tree and of course celebrate the Christmas season. We are blessed that we have the facility to do this with the Ark. Everyone is priceless in the eyes of Jesus and I look at this as our chance to really shine and bring hope to the hopeless, love to those that do not feel loved and pass on the grace and mercy of our Lord.

Family Promise – sign up now to volunteer For December!

 Go to to sign up to bring a meal; or provide transportation

Calendar ID: 284299

Security Code: 7124

Need help signing up? Sue Diehl at OR Nancy Bennett at

During the month of December, we will need volunteers to:

  • Make Dinners and drop them off in the coolers inside the Ark, marked: Family #1, Family #2, and Family #3, to keep the food separated
  • We will have the make-up of the families soon and will let you know how many adults and children there are, and like and dislikes, allergies at that time.
  • We also have a buddy Congregation – Or Hadash sharing some of the volunteers spots – THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS AT OR HADASH!
  • Transportation needs – AM and PM needs
  • Donations of gift cards to Walmart and Target or Cash (we will buy the gift cards)
  • NEW! A work night –come help us transform the Ark into a home for 3 families for the month of December. We will have the scouts and some of their leaders there as well. MORE INFORMATION TO COME!

Look for more information in Fridays’ email as we get closer to Move In day

Help us once again make this a success and share your thoughts and love with those that are less fortunate than us. Remember you may be the only person in their lives that has shown them that someone cares!

Lastly but most importantly – I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. As many of you know this is a special way to reach out to the community, help a family in need, and pass on the love of Jesus! Feel free to contact the office if you have any questions.