About Us

The mission of Jarrettown United Methodist Church is making disciples of Jesus Christ, relieving suffering, and glorifying God.

 Jarrettown United Methodist Church’s vision is to take leadership in a world-wide movement of Christians committed to:

  • Introducing Christ in understandable ways to every person.
  • Assisting every spiritual seeker to become a committed believer in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
  • Empowering every believer to be a witness and to do ministry by recognizing and employing each person’s spiritual gifts.
  • Incorporating every believer in small groups for nurture, accountability, support, and mission.
  • Gathering believers for worship in which every one can express his or her love to God.
  • Serving our community and world by pursuing God’s will for wholeness, justice, and peace.

Core Values

We value Scripture as our guiding authority for what we believe and how we live.

We value a life of Trust in God, directed by the Spirit, nurtured in prayer.

We value Worship as the life giving, joy filled, gathering of the people of God.

We value the intimate daily Relationship with God which is nurtured by prayer, the daily reading of scripture, and the life of humble service.

We value the Inclusive nature of God’s love, and welcome all children, youth, and adults into active participation in Christ’s Church.

We value our Fellowship in Christ’s family and seek to provide encouragement for one another.

We value each individual and believe Christians should treat others with Respect, patiently recognizing God is at work in every life and God’s Spirit may speak through any person.

We value the Moral and Ethical standards which God has established in the Scripture.

We value Giving out of our love for God.

We value Excellence in all we do as individuals and as a church.